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Consignment Policy

The policies written below are to ensure maximum gain for both the store and the consignor. 


We rely on our appointments to acquire our inventory, and we have very limited appointment availability, so it is important to follow these rules to make the most of your appointment.

Failure to follow these rules will result in no future appointments.


1. Items must be folded, and  placed in bag, box, or bin. Large shopping bags are prefered. 

this is to ensure to us that items have been looked over at least once before entering the store. 

2. We will no longer view any items from trash bags. Trash bags are not allowed inside the store.

3. Shoes need to be clean, this includes the insides. 

4. Insides of all garments must be clean, especially cuffs, collars, crotched and underarms. 

Even if you think you didn't wear it, check these areas thoroughly 

5. We only accept items from smoke-free homes

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