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We only accept items in new, like new, or excellent condition. 

No holes, stains, pilling, or over-washed and worn items.

Shoes and purses are prefered to be in new or like new condition.  

All items must be cleaned prior to appointments. 

Insides of garments must be checked prior to entering the store. 

Please look at garments under a bright light, or next to a window.

This is very important. 


Please clean and empty all shoes, purses and pockets completely before your appointment.


*Common problem areas: 

Underarms (deodorant),  sleeve cuffs, shirt collars, hems and crotches of pants and jeans, inside pockets of purses and inside shoes.


Please check all of these areas prior to appointment.


Spring items: light jackets and raincoats, light and medium weight fabrics, capris and closed-toed shoes. No shorts, sundresses or flipflops 

Summer items: shorts, sandals and open-toed shoes, sleeveless tops and dresses, light-weight fabrics and brighter colors. ​

Fall items: fashion boots, leather jackets, light sweaters, cashmere, and darker, warmer colors. 

Winter items: snow gear (weather dependant), wool or heavier fabrics, down coats, holiday themed items.


Current, contemporary, and unique is what we love most.


We adore a great vintage piece and unique style, but outdated styles, patterns or fabrics may not be accepted.

We do not take kids' or juniors' clothing or accessories.

Items we do not take

- Wedding gowns

 - Lingerie and pajamas (even new)

- Kids jewelry and accessories

- Swimwear

*Legally, we can not accept any imitation designer labels*

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