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With over 8,000 consignors,

we book fast!  

We suggest booking a season ahead.


If you're looking for a fall appointment, call during the summer, etc.

20 item maximum; 10 minimum. 

Items should be brought folded neatly in a shopping bag, and must be clean.


No hangers and no trash bags please!


Items must be in "ready to sell" condition. 

Call us on your pickup date!

 We do not call you when your consignment is up.

  "Pick up dates" are highlighted on every inventory sheet.

 If you want your unsold items back,

simply call us near your pickup date,

and we will collect the items for you!

Consignors are expected to collect unaccepted items after an unattended appointment.


This is very important to us,

as we have very little space to work in!

*Unaccepted items left with us will be donated after two weeks time. 

 If you don't want unsold items back, 


the items can stay with us, reduce to a clearance price,

then be donated to ta local charity if they haven't sold after 1 month.

You still receive 40% of profits. 

*items that are 2 weeks passed their pick up date are not eligible for return. 

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